HR NET is web based HRMS software application built on Microsoft Technologies. A matured solution, served over 250 clients across industries in its implementation of more than 20 countries in GCC, African and the Indian subcontinent during its life time of 11 years.

HR NET enables an organization to extend administrative functions to their entire workforce, empower their employees to interact and manage day-to-day activities, and streamline their human resource management processes to provide a significant ROI and impact their bottom line.

HR NET provides comprehensive administrative and workflow capabilities, as well as employee empowerment via employee and manager self-service.


HR NET Implemented in

Middle East: Bahrain, Jordan, Kingdom of South Africa, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Syria, UAE and Yemen.

Asia:Afghanistan, Brunei, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka

Africa:Kenya, Libya, Sudan, Uganda, Zanzibar


Key Features

  • Manpower (Head Count) definition in HR NET
  • Job description at position level
  • User defined policies and procedures
  • Vacancy Chart creation
  • Organization chart creation
  • Training needs identification
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Multilevel security with HR NET
  • Full Payroll processing with statutory report generation
  • Succession planning and Career Development creation
  • Standard letters can be generated using HR NET system
  • Employee Self Service help employees to keep track of their accruals and can apply for leave, loan, letter etc.

Key Modules

  • Organization information – hierarchies like companies, divisions etc
  • Manage Jobs and Positions (Filled, Vacant & Frozen positions)
  • Job & Position Competency Tracking
  • Position Budget Tracking
  • Manage Career planning
  • Employee Data Management
  • Employee History
  • Vacation/Leave Management
  • Medical Expenses Tracking
  • Audit trail for all changes to sensitive data
  • Campaign Pricing
  • Integrated with Personnel data
  • Loan Management
  • Attendance (only exceptions)
  • Overtime Tracking & Analysis
  • Variable earnings and deductions
  • Bonus/Ad hoc payments
  • Interfaced with smart card, swipe card, Biometric T & A Hardware
  • Integrated with HR NET Personnel Module
  • Processing of multiple companies, Divisions, locations, departments
  • Advanced Shift scheduling
  • Absence Management
  • Vacation/Leave tracking
  • Overtime Tracking
  • Absenteeism, late arrivals, early
  • Departures and other analysis reports
  • Gap Analysis & Training Needs Identification
  • Planned and ADHOC Training Request
  • Training objectives set by the trainee and follow up by manager
  • Training vendors management
  • Post training analysis – attendance, course evaluation, trainee evaluation etc
  • Track Training Costs by type – department-wise cost allocations
  • On-line leave application
  • Manager approval flow – single or multi-tier approval process
  • Approval policy by employee
  • Leave status, balance, history
  • Flexible workflows
  • Audit trail
  • Competencies for different levels of appraisal
  • appraisal reasons and ratings
  • Schedulers and reminders for appraisal
  • Robust interface for managers to complete the most vital performance appraisal tasks
  • Extract performance data for analysis
  • Setting/tracking of objectives set for employees progress
  • Allows administrators/ managers to manage employee related Documents work flow electronically
  • Currently included following forms:
  • Payroll Authorization (new Hires)
  • Leave/Vacation Requests
  • Status Changes/Salary Revisions
  • Loan Requests
  • Manager Self Service Functions
  • Employee Self service Functions
  • Access to personal, contract and contact data
  • Request for approval of other forms (ex. Bank loan letter)
  • Publish News and Events of the company
  • Job requisitions from departments
  • Employee Requisitions from departments
  • Required education/skills/salary etc to enable system search
  • Applicants Vs. Job Mapping by system
  • Track applicant’s status
  • Applicant evaluation
  • Recruitment Costs tracking


  • Training
  • Resourcing
  • Outsourcing
  • Implementation
  • Solution Support
  • System Integration
  • Software Development
  • Solution Customization
  • Technology Consulting and System Audits
  • Project Management and System Evaluation
  • Business Process Consulting and Process Reengineering